Heavy industry is a major part of the global economy and Partex marking systems have been successfully used in this sector for decades. Our special and durable solutions are used both in the public and the private sector, increasing operator safety and efficiency in sectors such as mining, food and chemical industries.

Visual identification

Visual identification is crucial for health and safety in any industry. Every construction site, factory or hall must be marked in a durable, legible and intelligible manner with markings suitable for the given application. Partex supply self-adhesive labels, engraved laminate and steel plates for these applications.

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Marking industrial systems

Electrical, ICT or fire protection systems used in industrial systems should be characterised by durability, precision and safety. Partex can boast of a wide range of mounting and cable marking products for all industries.

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Construction switchgear

Switchgear consist of connections, buses and insulation components used to control and protect electrical equipment in electric power systems. To ensure safe operation, switchgear components must be labelled with clear and durable markings. Partex marking systems ensure comprehensive identification of all switchgear components.

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At the heart of every production facility are the machines, which may operate in very challenging environments. The acid-resistant AISI 316L stainless steel marking system is suitable for use in extremely high temperatures, as are our steel nameplates. For hydraulic systems, we recommend flexible cable ties and markers, resistant to lubricants and oils. For identifying control circuits we have carriers with an integrated marker pocket.

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Detectable products

Some industries are particularly demanding, and are covered by very stringent rules and regulations due to their possible direct impact on our health. Such industries include the food, pharmaceutical and veterinary industry. Here, production lines and laboratories often require markers and mounting components to be easily detectable by various types of detectors, and resistant to high temperatures and cleaning agents. Partex has a comprehensive marking and mounting system that meets these criteria. Markers, cable ties, nameplates and stainless steel signs, as well as cable ties with metal content, ensure the safety of all production processes.

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