Industrial automation

Industrial automation is a wide and complex sector covering control systems, machines, production lines and many other components. Every day, PARTEX markers help users to identify these complex automation components, making them more manageable. We offer comprehensive solutions for marking machines, robotic stations, control cabinets and panels, and pneumatics components.

Control cabinets and panels

Due to the large quantities of wires, connectors, controllers and other components in a control cabinet, for efficient identification it is necessary to mark many components. Partex solutions enable marking of control wires and facility cables, connectors, controllers and components. Engraved plates and self-adhesive labels are used to label buttons, switches, etc. and nameplates or warning signs.

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Pneumatic technology has become so common that it is practically used in every modern plant. Our range includes many options for marking pneumatic lines and actuators. We manufacture flexible markers, to fit standard sizes of pneumatic pipes, and labels resistant to chemicals, perfect for pneumatic actuators.

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Machines and robotic stations

Partex marking systems are selected by machine and production line builders as our wide range of products enables them to clearly mark components, and also to secure them. With our products you can: mark facility cables and cables inside machines, fix cables and pipes securely, secure cables, hoses and harnesses, mark machines with information and warning boards, and use products detectable by metal detectors.

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